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Animated Gif Brain

animated gif brain
Explain my brain for me.?

Ok, so this question popped into my head the other day for no reason. There is a traffic signal lights in the 4 corners, the lights alternate on and off. ie / / in the upper left, lower left off, off the top right, bottom right. So anyone could see lights moving up and down or side to side. The alternating pattern is the same side to side and up and down. Why is it that my brain can only see the lights that move up and down, but I know I should be able to see the pattern of movement from side to side. For reference, here is a crude animated gif what I'm talking about. http://gickr.com/results4/anim_3b4a034a-b72e-d3f4-f503-94f24a881dc2.gif

Well, look, the side-by-side pattern spreads as twice the separation of the top and bottom. The resolution is therefore much higher and the bottom side to side. What we're trying to do is simple interpolation points and movements. Usually easy to do this for very small dots (which is what our televisions and computers based on function) but for the big points away is difficult. The side to side is more distance.

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