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embed gif in facebook

Free SEO practice


In this article we aim to provide some basic steps you can take to dramatically increase the visibility of your website in natural search results and increase sales with their only cost is time.

Effective SEO is achieved by having a full understanding of the functioning of Internet knowledge and expertise of how to process this information and put it in place. There are a number key factors that contribute to the success of your website, especially the quality and relevance and popularity.

  1. Quality: This includes things such as the folder structure of your site, site content, descriptions and keywords, usability and navigation.
  2. Relevance: Relevance generally refers to things such as your domain name, the amount of content, external links to your site your keywords and descriptions.
  3. Popularity: We do not mean the number of visits you get here (which is a big mistake) we mean that the links to your site from your web page for example, industrial sites, business directories, etc.


Site Structure

The first thing to consider is obviously the domain name you choose. It is important for corporate identity and brand protection to buy at least and.co.uk the.com for your company name, but before you start your website consumers from thinking about the relevance your company name in front of his range. For example if your company name is Jo Bloggs Ltd and sell building materials, is jobloggs.com the domain name or right buildingmaterials.com use is better? A good idea is to have two, the first of a corporate website that describe your business, so history and a domain name that best describes real output of e-commerce enabled site.

First make sure that wherever possible the names reflect the content page eg a page about lawn mowers should not be called "product12.html", but is called "lawnmowers.html." This then also applies to folders on your web server for the same example that this should be something like mycompany.com / gardening, / Lawnmowers.html

Notice the separation of the folder / category title in this example is "gardening, the products" instead of "gardeningproducts" adding "-" makes clearer direction and easier to read. For page titles and images of individual words, either with "_" or "-", avoid using spaces as these are replaced by "" in Internet browsers.

Site Map

You must also include a sitemap.xml file in the root of your server. It is essentially a text file in a format simply providing information on every page of your site in a file. If the software used to create your web site can provide an automated way to generate an XML sitemaps for free in xml-sitemaps.com.

Site Content

Think carefully when creating pages of your website the inclusion of many images can make the page look awkward and slow to load.


If you use images always make sure to give a description using the "ALT" value. ALT stands for "alternate text" and it is very important for engines search to understand what the image refers to, so for example the logo of your website source code would be;

<Img src = "http://www.blockstopper.net/browse.php?u=Oi8vZXppbmVhcnRpY2xlcy5jb20vbXlfbG9nby5naWY=&b=13" _mce_src = "http://www.blockstopper.net/browse.php?u=Oi8vZXppbmVhcnRpY2xlcy5jb20vbXlfbG9nby5naWY=&b=13" width = "100px" title = "25px" alt = "Logo" />

Note also the name of the image "my_logo.gif" gives an idea of what can be describe.


All links either internal or external, from text or an image, you must have a description or value of "title." This helps in two ways, first, to tell the search engine information more information about what is and also to add a valuable text and keywords in your page. For example, if it were a link to your "About Us" page might be:

<A target = "_new" rel = "nofollow" href = "http://www.blockstopper.net/browse.php?u=Oi8vZXppbmVhcnRpY2xlcy5jb20vYWJvdXRfdXMuaHRtbA==&b=13" _mce_href = "http://www.blockstopper.net / browse.php? u = Oi8vZXppbmVhcnRpY2xlcy5jb20vYWJvdXRfdXMuaHRtbA == & b = 13"> About us </ a>

Textual content

Have plenty of reference text is essential, but "relevant" is the key word here! Pages and pages of text are going to annoy visitors as many of the images are confused. If you are not sure where start the best thing to do is look at your competition. Do a search on Google for keywords you want to get high rankings and analyze in detail the results of the top ten of the following:

  1. Title – At the top of your browser
  2. The use of the word (s) within its pages
  3. How long your product descriptions are
  4. Are they using external content such as link or embed wiki articles or comments users


Would you go on vacation and not have a map (or GPS!) And if there were no signs Street how do you know where to go? This is exactly the same for your website if you have poor navigation your visitors will not be locked around them will competition. The same applies to the search engine spiders if you can not "crawl" your website is not easily disturbed. The XML sitemap is a good start but there are some simple things you do with the rest of the navigation for SEO purposes. In the first place (taking into account the links section of this document) whenever possible Use text links with a CSS style for menus instead of images. Having more than one menu, for example, a "top menu" and a "menu side. A common use of this would be the "About Us and Contact" link type "Top Menu" and "category product "type of links in a" side menu ". The most direct links to your content pages, the better.

External Links and content

Linking to external websites and specifically to similar or related content is a useful tool for perception search engines of the importance of your site. There are masses of freely available content can be used from YouTube videos through scores products, the content of Wikipedia and news servers.

Embedding external content

There are many different ways you can integrate external content on your website, for example, some packages come with their own RSS widget to allow you to easily integrate RSS feeds from anywhere. The most common ways to integrate external content are:

  1. RSS news feeds and frequently updated content
  2. Widgets – often is used to embed the climate information and location maps
  3. Insert External – How to embed YouTube videos in which the content is hosted on another place or product reviews.

RSS Feeds

RSS or "Really Simple Syndication, as it represents are structured in a way very similar to XML sitemap. They are essentially the text content of external websites that may be "pulled" on his website. There are a number of reasons why it is great to integrate;

  1. The food content changes often what makes your website more "alive" to search engines, useful if you do not change the content regularly as the website changes more often than search engines often visit their website.
  2. If you have space to fill in your site that can provide no relevance to the date that the content is professional looking and informative for visitors.


Widgets are a great way to add content to your site, you may have noticed the local climate and the information that travels on a website of local businesses. There are millions of widgets available on the web, some good places to start are widgetbox.com and bravenet.com.

Incorporating external

Embedding external content is perhaps the easiest way to add someone elses content to your website. You'll notice a lot of sites like YouTube you will have a "share this" or area of "integration", which contain code similar to the following:

<object width="560" height="340"> param <name = "movie" value = "Http://www.blockstopper.net/browse.php?u=Oi8vZXppbmVhcnRpY2xlcy5jb20veW91dHViZS5jb20vdi9URFpVSU1sTXE3YyY7aGw9ZW4mZnM9MSY=&b=13"> </ param> name="allowFullScreen" <param value="true"> </ param> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"> </ Param> <embed src = "http://www.blockstopper.net/browse.php?u=Oi8vZXppbmVhcnRpY2xlcy5jb20veW91dHViZS5jb20vdi9URFpVSU1sTXE3YyY7aGw9ZW4mZnM9MSY=&b=13" _mce_src = "http://www.blockstopper.net/browse.php?u=Oi8vZXppbmVhcnRpY2xlcy5jb20veW91dHViZS5jb20vdi9URFpVSU1sTXE3YyY7aGw9ZW4mZnM9MSY = & b = 13" type = "application / X-shockwave-flash "allowScriptAccess =" always "class =" "width =" 560 "width =" 340 "> </> <embed / object>

All you then have to do is paste the code into your web page where you want it to appear.


So now we have your website as search engines as possible, we must now give some help to find and start to index your site. Now we have to consider the following areas;

  1. Incoming Links
  2. Search engine submission
  3. Social Networking

Inbound Links

Links to other web sites are an important tool to increase popularity. Not only going to get more visitors, but search engines also have the highest place in regard to people rather than linking to you. There are some ways easy and free again to do this;

  1. Press Releases
  2. Business Directories
  3. Networking Forums

Press Releases

This is one of the most powerful free tools, a well written press while promoting your business to customers potential and can create hundreds of links to your website. They are often picked up by RSS readers can be automated and very quickly spread around the web. You also can create as many as you want! Some things to keep in mind when writing the press release are, make it attractive, always written in third person, where you can include the logo to always do and always put a link to your website where you can.

Business Directories

business directories are a great way to get some real static links to your site, take the time to fill with content as much as possible and be careful that the categories of place your business in a quick web search of "Free Directories Business" brings hundreds, some examples are:





Networking Forums

It is an ideal place to practice and promote your website and take advantage of links free back. Most of these sites allow you to have a link on your forum after the signing (although some messages have to publish the X first.) One of the most popular are:



Social Networking

Networks social enterprises still not used much as it should be whether Web sites like Facebook and MySpace are highly ranked by search engines and have a page for your business can be very useful. It should also encourage their employees to "become a fan" or join your network because you never know who your friends might be – it could be your target market. Some of these networks such as Facebook also gives you a subdomain as network.com / mycompany. Some of the bigger ones are:



Another useful tool for your website is to add a way for visitors to add a link to your website on your own social networking site. People often use this now to save your "Favorites or Bookmarks so that they are accessible wherever they are, tools, such as "addthis" make it very easy to include these in place.


There are a series of free tools available statistics from statcounter.com and Google Analytics (google.co.uk / analytics) that will provide me

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