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make gif screensaver

Advertising Spotify 101

"Everybody loves music"

Spotify's success in recent years has been enormous – its 7 million European users include people from all social classes, which use the player as a personal radio station, listening to music to enjoy while you work, surf the net or relax at home.

Spotify music interspersed with title = "Advertising PPC"> advertising (in the free version, at least), targeted to specific demographics according to location, and status of mind. The current format is divided between audio and graphics (banners and skyscrapers), or a mixture of both. includes advanced video advertising.

The price is per CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) – € 10CPM for ads 6CPM £ audio and display ads. Targeting is organized by zip code, age, sex, or even for musical tastes, and uses absolute white prints, which means your ads will not be useless to anyone outside of your target group. Spotify users provide information demographic time of registration, which is used to help orientation.

audio advertising copy can be any length, but the ads are limited to approximately 2-3 minutes of advertising per hour of listening to music. This may be accompanied by a logo, banner or cover sheet (Gif Format 250 × 250) which replaces the current album image clickable / trackable. The information on ad rolls below the song list, and is also clickable. Audio may be a good way to attract attention and make a call to action.

Display ads come in the tower, the flag or the qualifying format, and can move the sides or bottom of the player. This is flash compatible and can be served by a third-party advertising company. There is also the option of a screen saver, which is high impact, since it covers most of the player until the user mouses over it, which is minimized by classifying you can click on the bottom of the screen. Display Ad CTR range from 0.2 to 2.2%.

Ads can be used to publicize the promotion, users to an entry point, either on the main page in a pop-up or a separate tab. These promotions are also specific, and can run multiple campaigns different for different specific demographic characteristics. This format is ideal for Spotify, since it is simple for users to enter, because their data is already registered in the system. Advertisers can choose to receive details of new entrants.

Recently ads generally have some aspect of membership, for example, 3 Mobile have offered Spotify Premium 24 months without one of its contracts with Sony Ericsson. SEAT Ibiza campaign combined a call for entries for the new tour Shakira and now a limited edition car Shakira.

Spotify mobile application just received an update to make it compatible with the IOS 4, including an "unpleasant surprise", according to his blog, making it not only the music player of choice for personal computers, but for the background music in the Internet-enabled mobile too.

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